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◈ Environmental friendly detergent with high bio-degradability
◈ Atoxic detergent not harmful to human skin
◈ Skin protection due to excellent moisturizing capability


◈ For adding to functional cosmetics(emulsifying, dissipating, anti-foaming capabilities)
◈ For detergent (special purpose detergent, high performance household detergent)
◈ For bioremediation (Maximization of processing efficiency of soil and water
system contaminated by spilled oils)


    ◈ Appearance : Liquid state
    ◈ Constituents : Mannosylerythritol Lipid (MEL) 5%]
    (less than 1% of other additives)
    ◈ Quality
    - BioActive (liquid state) : MEL 5%(v/v)
    - E. coli : Negative
    - Heavy Metal (Pb) : 2 ppm or less


    ◈ For Household
    - In case of washing dishes, dilute proper amount of the product in the water.
    ◈ Oil Tank
    - In case of washing out, dilute the product with 10 - 20 times of water to spray this with high pressure.
    ◈ Packing Unit
    - 1L/pack
    - 10 pack/box(1L X 10 ea)
    ◈ Storage and Warehousing Period
    - Store the product in a dark place without direct sunray. Effective for 2 years
    from the date of manufacturing.

Test Results

Comparison of Bio-decomposability of Chemical Surfactant and BioActive

Comparison of Cellular Toxicity of Chemical Surfactant and BioActive

(g/l, w/w)
LAS <0.01
SDS 0.05
C9-BS 0.02
MEL-SY16 5
Glycerol 50

NR50 values of the test surfactants were determined towards mouse
fibroblast L929 cells after 48 hrs exposure.


Physicochemical Properties of BioActive

Surface activity
Minimum surface tension (dyne/cm)
10 mg/l (15 M)
8.6, o/w emulsifier
dispersion agent
Emulsification activity (unit)
pH stability
4 - 10
Thermal stability
up to 90℃ (75% in 100℃)
Salt (NaCl) resistance
up to 100 mM (0.6%)
Other properties
Toxicity (g/l, w/w)

  1. CMC value was measured with purified biosurfactant.
  2. Emulsification activity was measured against hydrocarbons with crude biosurfactant at a concentration of 0.1 g/l.
  3. Stabilities were determined by measuring the surface tension of biosurfactant solution.
  4. Salt resistance were determined by measuring emulsification activit

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