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Business Concept and Vision


● A venture business specialized in biotechnology and oriented for Global positioning

● Corporate vision focused on R&D: A professional bio-material company based on GRT (Genome Reconstruction Technology)


<Company History>

2002. 6 Selection of "2002 Technology Innovation Excellent Company"
(The Seoul Economic Daily)
2002. 7 Acquired ISO 901(CAS)
2001. 7 Made business cooperation and joint research contract with Daesang Feed.
2001. 6 Opened Japan R&D Center (Bio-material Laboratory of Osaka University in Japan).
2001. 5 Made joint development contract of product with Dasan Medichem
2001. 3 Transferred a technology to BASF Company Ltd.
2001. 1 Bio-material Research Center was recognized as a company annexed laboratory
2000. 12 Genome Research Center was recognized as a company annexed laboratory by Korea
Industrial Technology Association
2000. 11 Invested by Terasource Venture Capital Company
2000. 6 Acquired Venture Business Certificate
(Small & Medium Business Administration No. 0636)
2000. 4 Moved into BVC of Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology
1999. 11 Founded BioR&Ds Co., Ltd.



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